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WITW Valparaiso Christian Radio Morning Show March 30

WITW Chicago Valparaiso Christian Radio Morning Show March 30 with Jen Randall and RG Skadberg. Local and New Christian Music Friday. Featured songs from Jennie Wellsand, Red Umbrella, Frank J Guzzo and new songs from Jason Gray and For King and Country. We caught up with with Shane Evans and Nate Jones from Be Still and Know Music about Christian Concert Saturday in Chesterton with John Davey, SONS, Anchor and Devn Clayton. Show is at Simple Days on Calumet in downtown Chesterton. During the call we chatted with Shane about his first road experience being on with a Christian band on the road for an extend time and distance as he played drums for SONS. They traveled through southern Illinois, St. Louis, Austin, TX, Oklahoma and several other places before returning to northern Indiana, specifically Huntington before heading west for the concert in Chesterton.

Reminded folks about our friend and budding Christian Music star, coming off her first concert tour, Jennie Wellsand’s CD release party at The Branch tonight at 7:30pm as well as the Lifebridge’s Lifetree Cafe’ discussion on the topic of Hurt by the Church tonight at 6:30pm.

You can watch the morning show in it’s entirety here.

Have a great weekend everyone!


WITW Morning Show Video Archive

Today was that day that has been on the “To Do” List for a while. Ah, finally! Put a check in the circle.

We now have archive pages for the WITW, Valparaiso Christian Radio’s, Morning Show. There is a page for our Monday morning show’s “Hebrew Anew with Jackie Jones”, “Testimony Tuesday” and a page to save our Christian Artist Features for the many guests that have blessed us with their time and talents in studio.

Since our video archiving is a fairly recent addition (and still a bit “wobbily” as Winnie the Pooh might say), we aren’t deep in  shows at this point. That is changing. We are getting a better feel for the flow, a little tighter with technology and less missy with our memory.

We’d appreciate your feedback and sharing with your friends.


Drop-In Radio

Well, we’ve christened the ship and pushed away from the dock…slightly. Still doing some leak checks – or installation laps as they say in the Izod IndyCar Series.

Jonathon “JP” Parker stopped in the studio – or better said, dropped-in the studio – and participated in our first episode of “Drop-In Radio”.

Premise: Sometimes people come by the studio and they have something to share. We’re going to take a few minutes to share the haps with listeners. The next phase of the reintroduction of WITW to the community is involvement/engagement with the community. I’ve been super-elated with the feedback, the visits, email and calls. Heck, even a Tweet and and a listener who stopped and honked during JP’s visit were greatly appreciated.

Let us know what’s working for you, what we could do better and what we might be missing. We’ve added some songs based on suggestions. We’re promoting happenings – concerts, family-oriented, study-groups, Vacation Bible Schools, etc. – and trying to get more Christian artists from the area on the air. Hoping to feature some of the downtown businesses, folks with upcoming events and some of our churches as available.

Keep the feedback coming!