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Hacker Recovery

Almost 2 weeks ago, WITW was collateral damage in a hacker’s attack on a server at Rice & Rice Attorneys. The attack didn’t directly hit WITW, but due to some of the network linkages, we believe the additional strain caused our very old, very key production computer to suffer a hard drive failure. Fortunately, it didn’t impact our on-air computer, but it eliminated our ability to create new, daily program logs – the element that tells the air computer what to play when.

We are in the process of installing a new system for both air and production which, when completed, will give us some new functionality including a dramatically improved online presence.

In the short term, we are playing previous days’ logs to keep music playing. It may be imperceptible to most, until you hear a promo for something that already happened. We appreciate your understanding and grace during this period.

We’ll update here and on-air to let everyone know when we complete the transition.

Thanks for your prayers and support-


Chicago Christian Radio from Valparaiso Brad Scott and some SALT Chat

WITW Chicago Christian Radio from Valparaiso Morning Show for April 18

Serving Chicago Christian Radio each weekday morning Jen Randall and RG Skadberg this morning welcomed  speaker, author, teacher – Brad (Bradford) Scott of Wildbranch Ministries (www.wildbranch.org) talking about the Hebrew in the Old Testament and in the New Testament and more! Brad travels the States and overseas speaking about the God’s Word to us in the multiple levels of the Hebrew language, the verb Apostle and much more.

Also had a visit from Krista, Alissa, Caleb and Nate from SALT (Social Action Leadership Team) at VU (Valparaiso University) to talk about their World Relief Campaign Kenya Dig It project to build a well for the Lugulu Hospital in Kenya. The hospital currently doesn’t have a functional source for water. Patients literally bring their own water when needing hospital services. The students shared their fund raising goal of $14,000 to help establish a functional well. They shared their upcoming fund raising events to help reach their goal – Kenya Run It April 21 5k Run/Walk and Kenya Eat It (my term) at Qdoba Tuesday night April 24. Info at www.bit.ly/wrc2012.

Click the image below to watch the show.