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Testimony Tuesday – Pastor Jim Norris

Chicago Christian Radio from Valparaiso the WITW Morning Show for May 8.

It’s Testimony Tuesday!

I (RG) was joined in studio by one of my (and His) inspiring brother’s in Christ, Pastor Jim Norris. Jim is the Pastor for Boone Grove Christian Church, just south of Valpo. Jim shared the amazing journey God had for him to bring him to be a called Pastor, Practicing the Presence of God from Brother Lawerence, being led by the Holy Spirit and faith in the face of adversity. He shared a more recent addition to his story: There are two questions we need to be prepared to answer for God:

  1. Do you know Me?
  2. Who did you bring with you?

Watch our conversation

Jim and Nancy Norris are active members in the Indiana Dunes Great Banquet community. Banquet is where God crossed our (Jim and my) paths (IDGB #49 – Woot!) While I spoke a lot sharing my thoughts at the wrap-up of our initial visit to Banquet, Jim’s statement of God meeting him in that weekend has always stuck with me. I tend to use a lot of words to empty my heart and mind. Jim was far more selective and even more powerful with his explanation of how God met him that late September weekend in 2006. The weekend for us both redirected our paths to draw nearer to God and be more open to His plan for each of us.

Shortly after our initial weekend together, we served on team together. During that weekend, Jim shared an amazing testament of his ongoing communication with God through lessons learned from “Practice of the Presence of God” taught by 17th century lay monk, Brother Lawrence. The awareness of God’s constant presence and the ability to focus on an incessant conversation/prayer provides an amazingly freeing way to go through our day. It’s not something someone picks up in a day or a week, but through practice – it is the Practice of the Presence of God, you know.

During Jim’s visit for Testimony Tuesday, he shared how he is leaning into faith and believing God for a plan to reach someone who needs to be drawn nearer to God through his (Jim’s) battle with lymphoma. Before Jim and I talked directly, I knew what his attitude would be about what many would see as a devastating diagnosis. I knew he knew where his journey was ultimately leading. I knew he would tell the story of his faith keeping his focus on the long-term and the short-term was just that…temporary.

What I didn’t realize was how it would impact me to hear him say it. What I didn’t realize was how deeply it would grab me to hear him say “just one God.” What I didn’t realize was how far I felt I had to travel to get that confident in my faith.

So I pin that example of commitment to faith on the wall in front of me as a goal, as a reachable possibility, as an inspiration to give over more to Him to see what He has in store.

God’s blessed me with a number of inspiring people along my journey – paths crossing; running together for some time and in some cases diverging. There are some who inspire by their example. There are others who inspire me with their involvement on a regular basis. My hope is that I am sharing these blessings bestowed upon me with someone else who needs to be lifted up in the way I have been.

Just one God, just one.