Not a Fan Book Discussion On the Air

Well overdue for an update… Our weekly discussion group continues to meet on Wednesdays, but now it is a little bit later.  We actually made this change a few weeks (or longer) back, but I have not update the site to reflect that information.  We now meet at 5:30pm at the WITW Radio Station Studios […] Read more »

Not a Fan Discussion On-Air, On-Line – Join US

Join us this evening at 5pm as we launch a whole new program –  our multi-media discussion group. We’ll use the book “Not a Fan” to guide some discussion. You can stop by the studio, listen on-the-air (93.5 FM in Valpo) or watch the live stream on the website (to the right). Add your comments […] Read more »

New Year New Plan New Discussion

Get off the bench and in the game… As we all make plans to take on 2014, our Wednesday evening discussion group is taking a slightly different tack.  While at our core, we will continue to pray for and lift each other up, a base for our conversation will be some of the concepts presented […] Read more »

No Fooling – April 1st was technical mess

April 1, 2013 was a benchmark date for WITW’s programming. Our Moody Bible Satellite service went dark (or was supposed to) as they completed the move to their new distribution system. What does this mean for WITW listeners? Our SRN News feed is gone for awhile. The cost of acquiring the new satellite receiver/decoder (just […] Read more »

Hacker Recovery

Almost 2 weeks ago, WITW was collateral damage in a hacker’s attack on a server at Rice & Rice Attorneys. The attack didn’t directly hit WITW, but due to some of the network linkages, we believe the additional strain caused our very old, very key production computer to suffer a hard drive failure. Fortunately, it didn’t […] Read more »

Testimony Tuesday – Kelly Asbell

Chicago Christian Radio from Valparaiso with WITW’s Morning Show featuring Testimony Tuesday with guest, Kelly Asbell. Kelly Asbell shared her her journey carried by faith beginning with being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at a pre-teen and has lived her life in His glory, doing what she was told she couldn’t and impacting the lives of […] Read more »

Testimony Tuesday – Pastor Jim Norris

Chicago Christian Radio from Valparaiso the WITW Morning Show for May 8. It’s Testimony Tuesday! I (RG) was joined in studio by one of my (and His) inspiring brother’s in Christ, Pastor Jim Norris. Jim is the Pastor for Boone Grove Christian Church, just south of Valpo. Jim shared the amazing journey God had for […] Read more »

WITW Valparaiso Christian Radio Morning Show March 30

WITW Chicago Valparaiso Christian Radio Morning Show March 30 with Jen Randall and RG Skadberg. Local and New Christian Music Friday. Featured songs from Jennie Wellsand, Red Umbrella, Frank J Guzzo and new songs from Jason Gray and For King and Country. We caught up with with Shane Evans and Nate Jones from Be Still […] Read more »