Testimony Tuesday

Testimony Tuesday has been an enormous joy as we glorify God sharing stories of His salvation, redemption and new live in Christ. The links below are the full shows from the Tuesdays we’ve been able to capture since we launched in March, 2012 (sometimes technical issues got the best of us). We hope that they lift you up as we lift God’s victory!

June 5 – Kelly Asbell

Chicago Christian Radio WITW Testimony Tuesday Kelly Asbell
Kelly Asbell shared her her journey carried by faith beginning with being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at a pre-teen and has lived her life in His glory, doing what she was told she couldn’t and impacting the lives of many, including her twins, her husband and her Valpo Nazarene family. Spend some time and be inspired!



May 8 – Jim Norris

Chicago Christian Radio from Valparaiso the WITW Morning Show for May 8. It’s Testimony Tuesday! RG was joined in studio by one of the inspiring brother’s in Christ, Pastor Jim Norris. Jim is the Pastor for Boone Grove Christian Church, just south of Valpo. Jim shared the amazing journey God had for him to bring him to being a called Pastor, Practicing the Presence of God (Brother Lawerence), being led by the Holy Spirit and faith in the face of adversity.


May 1 – Todd Laczynski

April 17 – Jose Burgos

April 3 – Justin Savich

March 27 – RG Skadberg

March 20 – Greg Johnson

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