Bring the Prayz

PrayzDayzPrayz Dayz makes it triumphant return to the stage for Popcorn Fest.  Stop by and enjoy an awesome afternoon of music, praise and a family-friendly/encouraging event.

The concert is FREEEEEE and will take place at Smith Field (thanks Smith Ready Mix) on Indiana, just east of the Franklin House.  Bring a blanket, lawn chair and heart to be filled!

Some great local artists including Spoken For, David Thornberry Band, Jordan-Morgan Landowne, Into the Light, Jennie Wellsand, James Veach, Frank Guzzo and one of our favorite national touring acts – Heath McNease.  More acts are being added, so visit the Prayz Dayz Facebook page for the latest.

See you there!



No Fooling – April 1st was technical mess

April 1, 2013 was a benchmark date for WITW’s programming. Our Moody Bible Satellite service went dark (or was supposed to) as they completed the move to their new distribution system.

What does this mean for WITW listeners?

Our SRN News feed is gone for awhile. The cost of acquiring the new satellite receiver/decoder (just the little box not the giant dish on the roof) is $2,500+. In addition we have the ongoing montly maintenance of $100. At this time, we just don’t have the resources to cover the expense. 2012 was a very expensive year for WITW, the little station that could, which doesn’t rely on outside support. We try to be prudent with our expenses and this is just not the right amount or time.

So, we will not have news at the top of each hour, but the good news (well the Good News is Christ is Risen and is our salvation, but) is our programming will be updated to eliminate the need to cut off songs at the top of every hour to hit top of the hour news. It means our ID at the “top of the hour” may not be exactly at the top of the hour, so you’ll have to find another source to set your watches.

To add to the Apri Fool’s fun, our Internet streaming server was moved to a new server by our hosting provider. They gave me some heads up, but losing last week to illness left me short of getting all the links pointing in the right direction. Our website is updated, but it will take a day or so for TuneIn to update it’s database.

We are very appreciative of our listeners and want to be consistent. I apologize for the distruption in service to our streaming followers.

Testimony Tuesday Archive

The finishing touches are being put on a new archive site for our Testimony Tuesday recordings. We hear from listeners regularly requesting the capacity to listen back to our guests. With our limited resources and staffing, it has taken a bit to put together. A separate site has been created and the Testimony Tuesday’s we have are being uploaded.

We have saved many of them in .MP3 format. We have a few on video. We will post the new site as soon as we get a few of the shows of for you.

Listen Live On The Go – Streaming to iPhone iO/S Android

There’s a new app option for listening on either iO/S systems or Android systems.

Tunein App to stream WITW








The app is called Tunein Radio. I have tested the iPhone free version. There is an iPhone paid app (assume it drops the little banner ad at the bottom) for $.99. I don’t see a charge for the Android version. It seems to rate well on the Android side.

It loads quick for me on the iPhone and has the capacity to support linked images/per song. The iPhone app allows for rewind and pause features and says that you can record as well. I haven’t tried that yet.

Give them a try and let us know what you think. Now, more of you can take us outside of Valpo on the road.

If you are at a computer, you can listen to our stream right from the website. Click on the “Listen Live” tab above. You might right click on the tab and open in a new window so you can keep it on the page while doing other surfing. We are still testing some things with the player. One thing we seem to be bumping into is random timing out for people using Chrome. IE doesn’t seem to have the same problem. So you might try it first.

We’d love to have your feedback so we can continue to make improvements and increase stability before we begin to more broadly market the online listening as an option for people.

Links to the App:


Building 429 Christian Concert Review – LaPorte County Fair

Building 429 with Samestate in concert at the LaPorte, IN. County Fair, July, 12, 2012.

We had a blast!!!!

Samestate Christian Concert LaPorte County Fair July 12 2012

Samestate at the LaPorte County Fair

Samestate opened the show with some rockin’ jams and worship tunes. From Kansas, Samestate is a group of five guys with a heart for Jesus, and a desire to proclaim his name to young people. The band’s roster is chocked full of great musicians such as Dalton Diehl on lead vocals, guitars, and keys; Darren Harms on guitar; Ryan Little on bass; Ray Wyatt on guitar and synth; Blake Leoni on drums. Starting things off with their unique blend of rock and alternative, with a twist of country, Samestate had no problem getting the crowd moving and raising up a joyous noise. They ended their set with their current single ‘Hurricane’. You can find out more about them at their website:  Definitely a band to watch out for!  
Building 429 Christian Concert at the LaPorte County Fair July 12

Building 429 at the LaPorte County Fair

Building 429 is a group of anointed brothers from small towns around the country. They released their first album ‘Space in between us’ in 2004, which included their breakout hit ‘Glory Defined’. They have been rocking the christian world ever since, touring with bands like Casting Crowns and tobymac. Jason Roy brought awesome lead vocals, Jesse Garcia shredded the guitar, Aaron Branch grooved on the bass, and Michael Anderson brought it all together with a powerful presence on drums. At last night’s show, they played current faves ‘Where i belong’ and ‘Listen to the sound’, as well as some classics like ‘One foot’, and traditional worship songs like ‘I am free’ and ‘Revelation’. They also hooked us up with a new song from their upcoming album which is due to be released in May of 2013. Jason shared his testimony with the crowd. It was an encouraging message of the trials and tribulations that one can experience in the world, and the one and only way through the storm, the love of God through Jesus Christ. The energy was amazing, as they brought the crowd to their feet, to the stage, and kept them jumping for the entirety of their rockin set! Find out more about Building 429 at their website:
Building 429 Christian Concert at the LaPorte County Fair July12

Building 429 at the LaPorte County Fair

Amazing how God works! I won the tickets in a contest hosted by WITW 93.5, Valparaiso, Indiana’s Christian radio station. I took my wife. During the show, we discovered why God had chosen us to go. Earlier in the afternoon, my wife saw a young boy, about 9 or 10 years old. He was wandering by himself, looking around and crying. My wife has a fantastic heart for children. She was immediately moved to help the boy. When she asked him what was wrong, he replied that he had lost his grandmother. We suggested going to the fair office to have a message broadcast over the loudspeakers. We stayed with him, walking toward the office. On the way, we found his grandmother. Smiling, we walked away, thanking God for reuniting them. Sitting at the concert later that evening, we looked down the row. Only a few seats down was the boy and his grandmother! We realized that winning the tickets for the show was God’s way of getting my wife to the fair to be the Light for a small moment in the boy’s life. Praise God!!!
Justin Lund
(Winner of tickets from WITW 93.5 and the LaPorte County Fair – thanks Justin and Gene at LaPorte County Fair)

World Pulse Fest Christian Concert Tickets Available Here

WITW 935 is (soon to be) a ticket outlet for the huge Christian Concert – World Pulse Festival

One of the longest running Christian music festivals in the country happens just down the road, south of South Bend. World Pulse Festival is hosted by LESEA Broadcasting and is part of their many outreach ministries. One of amazing things about World Pulse Fest is that if you can acquire tickets in advance  - they are FREE!!

For our area in the past, you would have to request tickets by mail or go to one of the sponsor-giveaway sites. Now, we’ve closed the gap for you.

Listen Wednesday morning for information about the availability of tickets here at WITW.

This year’s concert features popular Christian Artists including MercyMe, NEEDTOBREATHE, Britt Nicole, newly solo artist and former Newsboys lead – Peter Furler, as well as up-and-coming Christian music artists Dara Maclean, Rhett Walker (both of whom you hear on WITW) and the highly energetic, Manic Drive.

Listen to find out how to get tickets for you, your friends, family, youth or study group.

[Review] Cheri Keaggy, “So I Can Tell”

July 10th marked the release of Cheri Keaggy’s 6th solo album, So I Can Tell, the long-awaited follow up to her 2007 offering, Because He Loved Us First. According to, this also marks the 18th anniversary of Cheri’s Dove Award-nominated debut CD, Child of the Father. Cherri chronicles the same event on her blog.

Much has developed in Cheri’s life in the last 5 years. Her children grew up, graduated and got married respectively. She also endured divorce to her husband / high school sweatheart, Eddie Keaggy, nephew of legendary artist Phil Keaggy. With reviews I read saying she draws upon all these experiences in the album, I was ready to listen.

Why I Chose to Keep Listening

Originally, I choose the album assuming that she was an offspring of Phil Keaggy, who was one of the artists I remembered fondly growing up and while graduating from ONU. I remember being told an urban legend that started with folks asking Eric Clapton how it felt to be the greatest guitarist on the planet and he said, “I don’t know. Ask Phil Keaggy.” I never researched to find it was true, but research did later lead me to find that Cheri was in fact the now ex-niece-in-law – things I learn along the way.

Because she wasn’t Phil’s daughter, I was going to start sifting through the other releases when the middle of the title track / first song, So I Can Tell, struck a chord. The chorus kicks off with a a Bonnie Rait-like Southern acoustic Memphis blues/gospel groove. Subtle blues get me every time. I also liked the fact the theme of the song was willing to be human enough to essentially say, “…according to the sum of my experiences.”

Here’s Cheri discussing the album:

So I stopped sifting for other selections. I’m glad I did.

Track Listing

  1. So I Can Tell
  2. There Will Be One Day
  3. When You Were Jesus to Me
  4. Starting a New Year Today
  5. Air, Food, and Water
  6. Hello, God
  7. To Live Is Christ
  8. Come to Me
  9. Bind Me to You
  10. Romans 15:13 (Benediction Song)
  11. Postlude: Invitation to Hope (featuring Phil Keaggy).

Favorite Song

Starting a New Year Today – It’s a folksy and rambling, but for all the right reasons. It made me think about the recent painful breakup I went through and dove deeper to find the backstory. According to what I found, the song was written on the one-year anniversary of her divorce. And that, in the end, better days are ahead.

The other reason I picked “tarting a New Year Today” as my favorite is because I gravitate to more of the storytelling songs. Blame that on all the Dylan I heard in college I suppose, but I like the pictures such prose conjures in my head. It would also explain why other songs like the quickstepped Air, Food, and Water capture my attention more. [Update - after the third listen, Air, Food, & Water is like favorite song 1A. Nice, fluid and wakes me up!]

Album Artwork for “So I Can Tell.”

Runner upPostlude: Invitation to Hope (featuring Phil Keaggy). It had me at the first four bars Phil picked out. It’s just an instrumental, but a pleasant one. I think it also shows the fans that there’s no hard feelings and that her divorce wasn’t too tabloid-ish but more amicable.

Most Forgettable Song

While there weren’t any songs that stood out as, “best left off the album,” the one that I seemed to forgot I listened to was, Bind Me to You. I went through it twice and went, “wait, what was that about?” It was also late when I heard it so who’s to say, but I had to pick one. Sorry, fans of the song.

Overall – Would I listen to it again?

Well, I’m on listen 4 thanks to Spotify. I found myself enjoying it more the second and third time and will listen to it again while I’m on the backroads of Duneland heading to meetings. I’d take that to be a good sign.

Have You Listened to It? Will You Listen to The Album?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Front Row Seats for Building 429 Concert

Here’s how you can win front row seats to one of the hottest bands in Christian music – the Building 429  - in concert with Samestate at the LaPorte County Fair, Thursday, July 12:

At 3pm today (Wednesday), we’ll draw from the entries and contact the winner of the 2 front row seats and entries into the LaPorte County Fair. You can win and help us get the word out about this great show!

To order tickets:

Listen to WITW 935, serving Chicago Christian Radio from Valparaiso for more information about this and other Christian concerts coming to Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

Hacker Recovery

Almost 2 weeks ago, WITW was collateral damage in a hacker’s attack on a server at Rice & Rice Attorneys. The attack didn’t directly hit WITW, but due to some of the network linkages, we believe the additional strain caused our very old, very key production computer to suffer a hard drive failure. Fortunately, it didn’t impact our on-air computer, but it eliminated our ability to create new, daily program logs – the element that tells the air computer what to play when.

We are in the process of installing a new system for both air and production which, when completed, will give us some new functionality including a dramatically improved online presence.

In the short term, we are playing previous days’ logs to keep music playing. It may be imperceptible to most, until you hear a promo for something that already happened. We appreciate your understanding and grace during this period.

We’ll update here and on-air to let everyone know when we complete the transition.

Thanks for your prayers and support-


Testimony Tuesday – Kelly Asbell

Chicago Christian Radio from Valparaiso with WITW’s Morning Show featuring Testimony Tuesday with guest, Kelly Asbell.

Kelly Asbell shared her her journey carried by faith beginning with being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at a pre-teen and has lived her life in His glory, doing what she was told she couldn’t and impacting the lives of many, including her twins, her husband and her Valpo Nazarene family. Spend some time and be inspired by watching her visit!

Special thanks to our friend and past Testimony Tuesday guest, Justin Savich, who talked with Kelly about being a part of the show today.