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New Year New Plan New Discussion

Not a Fan Discussion Group Valparaiso Indiana Northwest Indiana

Get off the bench and in the game…

As we all make plans to take on 2014, our Wednesday evening discussion group is taking a slightly different tack.  While at our core, we will continue to pray for and lift each other up, a base for our conversation will be some of the concepts presented in Kyle Idleman’s Not a Fan book.  Idleman pushes past a warm, easy and comfortable relationship with Christ from the stands and challenges us to think about whether we are living our lives the way Christ wants us to in the world.

In the initial set up for the book, Idleman finds himself searching for the all important Easter message that will touch people in a way many C and E’ers will be inspired to come back next week.  What he found was a much more challenging, far less warm and fuzzy message from John 6 where Jesus’ message to the masses caused grumbling, confusion and people walking away because it was too hard to deal with.

Our Wednesday group is going to talk through some of those difficulties we face when we ask the question, “Where is God calling me to step up, step in or step out to reach people for the Kingdom.”

Not a Fan is not a hard read, but it may cause some grumbling – and that’s what we want to talk about together.

The format for discussion is multimedia.  You can join us in the WITW studio at 5pm on Wednesdays as the group will be on air for an hour.  Can’t make it to the studio, listen over the air and add your comments on our Facebook page or on Twitter with a @WITW935.  We will video stream the conversation right on our website (hopefully.)

We expect some bumpiness as we experiment our way into this experience.  We would appreciate your participation and suggestions to make this group impacting.

Join us Wednesday at 5pm (CST) in person, online, or via social media.  Drop me an email with questions and suggestion anytime –

If you miss the live broadcast, we’ll replay each Thursday morning at 9am and will post it as an .MP3 on the website.