Mornings have Broken

Or should we say “been broken.” As we continue to push the WITW boat away from the dock, we drifted a bit farther away this morning. And if you were listening, there was definitely some mental drifting from me (RG).

The latest addition to the WITW 93.5 broadcast is a little salt for your morning routine. Between 7:30 and 9:00 am Monday through Friday, there will be a little peak a news, weather, but more importantly chatting with people from around the area seeking information about things that are happening and how the Church is working in our community to the betterment of it and the lives of that make it up.

Our goal will be to accent the message in the music (accent->flavor->salt->we are said salt) with people in the studio sharing thoughts, info, ideas, updates, their hearts, their journeys, etc.

We would love to have your feedback about and during the show. Throw in a comment, prayer request, praise item or random thought that strikes you on our Facebook page, Tweet or email us.