Listen Live On The Go – Streaming to iPhone iO/S Android

There’s a new app option for listening on either iO/S systems or Android systems.

Tunein App to stream WITW








The app is called Tunein Radio. I have tested the iPhone free version. There is an iPhone paid app (assume it drops the little banner ad at the bottom) for $.99. I don’t see a charge for the Android version. It seems to rate well on the Android side.

It loads quick for me on the iPhone and has the capacity to support linked images/per song. The iPhone app allows for rewind and pause features and says that you can record as well. I haven’t tried that yet.

Give them a try and let us know what you think. Now, more of you can take us outside of Valpo on the road.

If you are at a computer, you can listen to our stream right from the website. Click on the “Listen Live” tab above. You might right click on the tab and open in a new window so you can keep it on the page while doing other surfing. We are still testing some things with the player. One thing we seem to be bumping into is random timing out for people using Chrome. IE doesn’t seem to have the same problem. So you might try it first.

We’d love to have your feedback so we can continue to make improvements and increase stability before we begin to more broadly market the online listening as an option for people.

Links to the App:
– Android

– iPhone