Emergency Run to Joplin

Joplin, Missouri took a tremendous hit from a tornado yesterday. At least 89 people were killed, their hospital rendered useless and massive amounts of property damage coupled with ongoing bad weather has hampered the effort to search for people and begin clean up. Josh and Amy Walker, now reside in Plymouth, Indiana. Prior to moving back to Indiana, they lived in Joplin. Josh is both a friend of mine and a person who has helped with some of the Christian concerts I have done in the area. Please consider helping them on this emergency run. Because of the obvious need, they are packing and leaving today.

On this initial run, they are looking for bottled water, blankets, cots, diapers, ready-made baby formula, diapers, lidocane, IV Start-up kits, gauze and other essential items. If you could donate anything to this cause, you can bring it by the radio station and we will make arrangements to get it to them. If you would prefer and/or able to provide monetary support so they can buy needed supplies, you can follow the link below.


Please keep the people of this devastated area as well as Josh and Amy in your prayers. We will keep you updated on this site as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you haven’t heard/read about the impact of this, here’s is some information from USA Today.

God Bless