Building 429 Christian Concert Review – LaPorte County Fair

Building 429 with Samestate in concert at the LaPorte, IN. County Fair, July, 12, 2012.

We had a blast!!!!

Samestate Christian Concert LaPorte County Fair July 12 2012
Samestate at the LaPorte County Fair
Samestate opened the show with some rockin’ jams and worship tunes. From Kansas, Samestate is a group of five guys with a heart for Jesus, and a desire to proclaim his name to young people. The band’s roster is chocked full of great musicians such as Dalton Diehl on lead vocals, guitars, and keys; Darren Harms on guitar; Ryan Little on bass; Ray Wyatt on guitar and synth; Blake Leoni on drums. Starting things off with their unique blend of rock and alternative, with a twist of country, Samestate had no problem getting the crowd moving and raising up a joyous noise. They ended their set with their current single ‘Hurricane’. You can find out more about them at their website:  Definitely a band to watch out for!  
Building 429 Christian Concert at the LaPorte County Fair July 12
Building 429 at the LaPorte County Fair
Building 429 is a group of anointed brothers from small towns around the country. They released their first album ‘Space in between us’ in 2004, which included their breakout hit ‘Glory Defined’. They have been rocking the christian world ever since, touring with bands like Casting Crowns and tobymac. Jason Roy brought awesome lead vocals, Jesse Garcia shredded the guitar, Aaron Branch grooved on the bass, and Michael Anderson brought it all together with a powerful presence on drums. At last night’s show, they played current faves ‘Where i belong’ and ‘Listen to the sound’, as well as some classics like ‘One foot’, and traditional worship songs like ‘I am free’ and ‘Revelation’. They also hooked us up with a new song from their upcoming album which is due to be released in May of 2013. Jason shared his testimony with the crowd. It was an encouraging message of the trials and tribulations that one can experience in the world, and the one and only way through the storm, the love of God through Jesus Christ. The energy was amazing, as they brought the crowd to their feet, to the stage, and kept them jumping for the entirety of their rockin set! Find out more about Building 429 at their website:
Building 429 Christian Concert at the LaPorte County Fair July12
Building 429 at the LaPorte County Fair
Amazing how God works! I won the tickets in a contest hosted by WITW 93.5, Valparaiso, Indiana’s Christian radio station. I took my wife. During the show, we discovered why God had chosen us to go. Earlier in the afternoon, my wife saw a young boy, about 9 or 10 years old. He was wandering by himself, looking around and crying. My wife has a fantastic heart for children. She was immediately moved to help the boy. When she asked him what was wrong, he replied that he had lost his grandmother. We suggested going to the fair office to have a message broadcast over the loudspeakers. We stayed with him, walking toward the office. On the way, we found his grandmother. Smiling, we walked away, thanking God for reuniting them. Sitting at the concert later that evening, we looked down the row. Only a few seats down was the boy and his grandmother! We realized that winning the tickets for the show was God’s way of getting my wife to the fair to be the Light for a small moment in the boy’s life. Praise God!!!
Justin Lund
(Winner of tickets from WITW 93.5 and the LaPorte County Fair – thanks Justin and Gene at LaPorte County Fair)