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Coming Together in Prayer for Direction

We are asking you to join us in prayer as we seek direction regarding an investment of time, effort, and money into streaming the station.

For as long as I have been working with WITW, people have asked me if there is a way to increase the power of the station in order to listen beyond Valparaiso.  FCC licensing for limits by design and our type of license is not one that can be increased.

However, the increase in data delivery and a higher level of comfort with people using phones for web access provide a means to put WITW Everywhere.

We have discussed this investment with a couple of different parties who expressed interest in the financial backing, but those faded.  We have made some investment in the internal hardware to provide a feed.  What remains are the acquisition/installation of a couple of pieces of equipment to stabilize the feed and paying the necessary licensing to SoundExchang, BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC.  All told, this amounts to around $2,000 for year one and around $1,000 for ongoing licensing.

We have been very slow to add sponsorship announcements to the station and, even though there are a number of other non-commercial stations around, we have adhered strictly to not playing anything that resembles a commercial.  We will continue that position, but seek clarity on opening up more sponsor announcements, similar to those that run for Rice & Rice and Altitude Church.

Please join us in this prayerful approach to finding what’s next for WITW.   Feel free to leave comments below or on our WITW’s Facebook page.


WITW – Walk In The Word

Welcome to Valparaiso’s Christian Radio – WITW 93.5 FM

WITW Chicago Christian Radio from Valparaiso

WITW 93.5 – Valparaiso’s home for Christian Contemporary Music and positive messages for the whole family. WITW blends national and local Christian musicians with syndicated programming. We also have local programs, including our morning show and Wednesday study group. Stay up to date and share with us via:

Not a Fan Book Discussion On the Air

Well overdue for an update…

Our weekly discussion group continues to meet on Wednesdays, but now it is a little bit later.  We actually made this change a few weeks (or longer) back, but I have not update the site to reflect that information.  We now meet at 5:30pm at the WITW Radio Station Studios on Franklin St. at Lincolnway, a couple doors north of South Bend Chocolate (our old meeting place.)

The discussion is not limited to the book, but more how the book settles on/in us and how we are trying to implement it in our lives to be more than just a fan, but a follower – in reckless pursuit – of Jesus and his call on our lives.

If you miss the show live, we are playing it back on Thursday and Sunday evening at 6pm.

You can also (technology in our favor) watch a live stream of the Wednesday discussion by clicking on the image in the upper right of this page.

Share your thoughts and comments on our Facebook page –


Listen Online Offline

Over the course of the last year or so, we have been trying to establish our online presence. Technically, there have been a number of hurdles which have caused issues in stabilizing the process – that’s one of the challenges of running a noncommercial, zero revenue, out-of-pocket station. Today, another hurdle was put in our path as I received notice about playing music online. To be sure, WITW since its first day on the air in 2003 pays licensing to a variety entities (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, maybe there are more). Separate from that, there is some requirement to replicate our station for online streaming. The additional cost of doing so has been one of our hurdles and one reason why we have not kept the online feed up all the time, nor marketed it outside of the website.

Today, I received notice from an entity of which I did not have have prior knowledge. I need to do additional research about where it fits into the whole licensing picture to continue to figure out what our cost for online streaming will actually be. Just like the broadcast of the radio station, we make zero revenue via online. We have contemplated sponsorship opportunities for both to help with some of the pop-up costs of keeping the station on the air, but suffice to say, there is not revenue — just out-of-pocket covering of expenses between myself and the owners.

Unfortunately, until I determine what this “new” entity’s position is and if we have a responsibility to them, I have to shelve the online. I’ll keep paying for the service to distribute so we can get back up and going as soon as possible. Because people sometimes ask how often it is used, it is not going to impact many people as we normally only have a couple people online at any given time. I see it not as a huge listener magnet, but a way to serve those who may wander out of our little coverage area and want to check-in. I also use it when I am on the road to make sure the station is on the air when we have it up-and-running.

Thanks for your understanding. Please feel free to contact me if you have any thought, questions or comments –