Not a Fan Book Discussion On the Air

Well overdue for an update… Our weekly discussion group continues to meet on Wednesdays, but now it is a little bit later.  We actually made this change a few weeks (or longer) back, but I have not update the site to reflect that information.  We now meet at 5:30pm at the WITW Radio Station Studios […] Read more »

Listen Online Offline

Over the course of the last year or so, we have been trying to establish our online presence. Technically, there have been a number of hurdles which have caused issues in stabilizing the process – that’s one of the challenges of running a noncommercial, zero revenue, out-of-pocket station. Today, another hurdle was put in our […] Read more »

Hacker Recovery

Almost 2 weeks ago, WITW was collateral damage in a hacker’s attack on a server at Rice & Rice Attorneys. The attack didn’t directly hit WITW, but due to some of the network linkages, we believe the additional strain caused our very old, very key production computer to suffer a hard drive failure. Fortunately, it didn’t […] Read more »

Wow! Rocking the Faith Confessions

Wow! We’ve received some great feedback about our discussion regarding the Daily Faith Confessions we talked about at our Sun Stand Still Study Group and shared on the air. I have been diligently “preachin'” them to myself each morning as part of my morning routine. They originated from Elevation Church and were brought to our group in the study […] Read more »

Power Outage and Its Impact

It appears there was a lengthy power outage downtown in our building on the square. Eventually, UPS’s run out of back-up time and our firewall/router is non-responsive to the computers on the network and Comcast’s feed. What this all means is that, we can’t feed online and can’t update the music log for tomorrow. Calls […] Read more »

New Voice On Air

Hope you’ve noticed a new, female voice on the WITW airwaves starting today. As we continue to tune-up our sound, Jennifer Randall joined the 93.5 frequency, lending her voice to our station identifiers and public service announcement pool. We hope to continue to add her docile tones to more of our airspace as we look […] Read more »

Testing Testing

The feedback from listeners has been very helpful. This week, in conjunction with the potentially bad weather, we are testing some changes in our studio set-up. To do this, we will have a live morning program to provide some local information and weather. If there are closings, we will do our best to pass those […] Read more »

New Sound

Starting this week, a refreshed sound is filling the 93.5 airwaves in Valparaiso. WITW-LPFM has tuned up its sound and made improvements to address hiccups that have caused some down time. The station format can be described as Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) with an Adult lean. Nighttime on the air will include some additional songs […] Read more »

The End is Near

It looks like we have a solution to being off the air. The wind Sunday caused a break in the connection between our studio link receiver and the cable that connects to our transmitter. Thankfully, Bartronics in Chesterton has the knowledge, capacity and time to scale the tower and remedy the issue. The plan is […] Read more »