McdVoice – The Brief Explanation About McDonald’s Customer Survey 2018

McDonald’s Company offers an online customer survey for its loyal customers in McdVoice at Inside this customer survey portal, McDonald’s Company provides some statements which can observe the customers satisfaction. Even, this portal can be the direct line between the customers and McDonald’s Company. So far you need an additional information about McdVoice Survey, you can find out at


Why Should Take Part in McdVoice?

The important part of running a business is about to know the customers’ satisfaction. Of course, the business sustainability will be depended on the customers. So that’s why a customer satisfaction becomes the best media to deal these goals. In spite of the effectiveness of the customer survey, it can be the best idea to attract the customers by the benefits involved. McdVoice has done the same way. It has some glorious benefits that can be got by completing the series of questionnaires. Abd, here they are:

  • At first, the customers can be the best part of McDonald’s Progress.
  • Then, Mcd Voice provides the free access to sharing and complaining the issues.
  • For the next, the customers will be experienced to share any issues and opinion in a responsible and good way.
  • McdVoice has been successful in creating the direct line among both of the McDonald’s Team and the customers.
  • After that, this online survey is easy to access, effective, and provide the understandable language instruction.
  • At last, Mcd Voice offers the great prize in this survey. The customers may get the opportunities to win McDonald’s Coupon Code, any free meal, or grand prize as $100 cash.

What is McdVoice?

A little bit explanation about McdVoice has been discussed in the previous section. Here, the short explanation about it is about the such of customer survey platform. McdVoice Survey can be reached at and it is handled by McDonald’s Company. As long its operation, has helped the company to measure its progress and decide the next performance. Just so you know, the company collects all feedback and use it as its research references which will be useful to revise the lacking part and boost the high part.

Are there any qualifications in McdVoice?

The answer to this question is yes. In line with another survey portal such as MyBKEExperience, TellPopeyes, Guest Obsessed Survey, and much more, McdVoice provides almost some qualifications. Just in case you need the detail information about the term and condition involved, you can learn it by choosing the menu policy and privacy on the bottom side of the site. Once you saw the term and policies, you are going to agree with the qualifications involved. And, here the following qualifications are:

  • At first, you must be 18 years old or more. Then, you should be the legal resident of the United States and District of Columbia. Even, you are not a part of McDonald’s Employee to take part in the survey. The McDonald’s Staff and Employees are not allowed to join the survey.
  • The second, each survey participants have five-time chances in every month to join the survey. Also, every chance is limited in not more than three days of the last visit. Just be sure that you conduct the survey within that date. Even if you forget the date and lose the date of survey, you need to re-visit McDonald’s Restaurant and get your latest McDonald’s Receipt.
  • The third, the qualified electronic device will be one of the best parts of McD Voice. However, it is an electronic survey portal and provides some online survey instruction. So that’s why you need to prepare your computer and supported it with the strong internet connection.
  • The fourth, to complete questions, the survey participants must be familiar with English or Spanish. Once they got the site, they will get the English instruction and they are allowed to change it into Spanish if they are not confident with it.
How is the McdVoice Walkthrough?

In an easy way, the customers can finish Mcd Voice within ten minutes. The first thing to do is about to visit the official website at Then, you can start to change your language instruction if you are not really sure with your English. After that, here the following McdVoice’s Walkthrough is:

  • The first: After reaching the survey site, the survey participants can type the survey invitation number or give the detail information about the current visit. It may be about the store number, amount spent, and date and hour of the visit.
  • The second: They can start the survey by answering some questionnaires. In this case, they can give the assessment from the score one to five at first. Then, the following section will lead them to write down the detail complains or suggestions.
  • The third: They will get Mcd Voice Validation Code. After writing down the code on the receipt, they can show it to McDonald’s team to the nearest McDonald’s Locations. At that time, you will be free to redeem it with McDonald’s Coupon or the free meal. Just so you know, that validation code will be available within 60 days of the last visit.

Well, you can pass all sections in Step by Step and the qualification involved. At least the detail of benefits that you can get from McdVoice Survey will not make you hesitate to suggest this customer survey to your friends and family. Who knows?

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