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Hello good people! How’s life with you? If you are bored, you may find it pleasing if you access to get $1,000 cash. Yes, Dollar General Company today offers you to join Dollar General Customer First Survey. The process of completing the survey and get Dollar Coupon will be easy. It is because you can finish it less than seven minutes. And, all that you need for Dollar survey is Dollar General Receipt. Are you ready for $1,000 cash?

About Dollar General Customer First Survey

Do you know? Dollar General Customer First is such an online customer experience feedback survey program created by Dollar General Company. The targets of the participants are Dollar General Customers. You can access Dollar General Customer First Survey at It is the official website that you cannot get at other link address.

Dollar General Customer First
Dollar General Customer First

For Dollar General Company, DGCustomerFirst takes an important role in increasing the quality of Dollar Stores. They can be about the services or products. As good customers, you can give feedback to Dollar General Company. If Dollar team knows the problems in the stores, it will help the team much in solving them. And the ones who are happy with the increased service and products will be you. If you want to know more about its company, you can visit dgcustomerfirst and upgrade your information.

What Will You Need for Dollar General Survey?

  • First, it will be necessary for you to get a laptop, smartphone, or mobile phone ready
  • Second, you should own a recent Dollar General receipt that has DGCustomerFirst 15 digits survey
  • Third, you provide an internet access to visit com
  • And the last, it is important for you to have the capability in understanding English or Spanish

Steps to Finish DGCustomerFirst Survey Step by Step

  • Step #1:

So, the very first step that you must take is to access survey. As you can see, it is the official DGCustomerFirst website for Dollar General Survey.

  • Step #2:

And the next, you should check your receipt and find Dollar General store number. If you see, DGCustomerFirst homepage will require you to input the store number.

  • Step #3:

Then, you can also input your DGCustomerFirst Survey Code that has 15 digits. And of course, you can find this unique Dollar General Code printed on the receipt.

  • Step #4:

After that, it is your time to answer all DGCustomerFirst Questions. There are some topics about the questions. Not to mention, they will be about Dollar products, Dollar employees, and so on.

  • Step #5:

Also, you need to give your Dollar General Store that you visited. You can either complain about the products, cleanliness, and so on.

  • Step #6:

And, you should enter your information such as your name, phone number, as well as mailing address.

  • Step #7:

Finally, you will get DGCustomerFirst Validation Code that you should write down on your receipt. Of course, you will need it once you are the DGCustomerFirst winner.

Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Now, it is about DGCustomerFirst rules that you cannot look down. Just so you know, there will be some rules that you must obey. They are such as:

  • First, you have to be 18 years old at the minimum
  • Second, you have to be American legal citizen
  • Third, you cannot participate in DGCustomerFirst Survey Sweepstakes if you are Dollar General employees or family
  • And the last, you should own the valid Dollar General receipt that you can get during Dollar General store visit
Dollar General Customer Service Contact Details
  • Dollar General: 877 463 1553.
  • Or, Dollar General Phone Number: 615 855 4000
  • Dollar general Mailing Address: 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville. It is in Tennessee, 37072, United States
  • And Dollar General Official Websites:

Yes, you know every single important thing about DGCustomerFirst survey. It will be wiser if you start taking the survey now and win $1,000 cash now!

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