How to Eat Out without Calorie Overload

When the people decide to eat out, they often choose the fast food restaurant as their destination. Do you also do the same? Fast-food becomes the most favorite option to dine out. It is because this restaurant can serve what you order quickly. So, you do not have to wait for your order too long. Besides, this type of restaurant also offers the meal at the reasonable price. So, you do not need to worry spending much money even you eat out every day. Furthermore, the quick service restaurants also provide the wide variety of entrees. This way, you can choose a lot of menu items as your meal.

But, do you aware that consuming fast-food means that you enter many calories into your body? Are you not afraid of being fat and unhealthy? If you do not want to be fat, you have to create a plan before going to fast-food chains. For instance, you should look for some tips to eat fast-food without calories overload. The most important things you need to remember are the following. First, you should plan what you are going to eat. If you have much time, you can browse the nutrition facts contained in the meal you will order. The next, you should not be afraid to customize your food. Remember, the restaurant’s duty is serving the customers. So, the restaurant should provide what the customers want. Just ask the server to prepare the menu just like what you want it.
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Furthermore, you need to adjust your meal time and portion. For instance, if you plan to have dinner outside, you have to eat the light lunch. This way, you can control the calories you consume. Besides, you also need to adjust the portion of the meal. If you have the dining plan, you should not skip the lunch. If you skip your lunchtime, you can overeat when you have dinner. The commitment to minimize the calories intake is in your hand. So, having the self-control is crucial. As the example, you should commit to skipping the dessert after the meal. Furthermore, you also need to avoid all you can eat buffet.

Listed below, you can review some tips to avoid calories overload when you eat out in the certain restaurants. Besides, these tricks also enable you to make the food you consume fits your eating plan. You can do these tips when you make an order.

  • It will better to order the regular size than ordering the jumbo portion. For instance, if you like fries, you should order it in the regular portion. This way, you can reduce the number of calories you take.
  • You can order the appetizer to minimize consuming the main entrees. When you eat the appetizer such as salad, you can be full. So, when the main entree arrives at your table, you can share it with your friends. Besides, if you visit the restaurant alone, you can ask the server to wrap up the half of the entree. So, you can carry out it to home.
  • When you come to the Mexican restaurant to dine in, you should order a la carte menu. This way you can get the item which you want since you order it separately. For instance, instead of ordering enchilada plate, it will be better if you order a chicken enchilada. Then, you can add the side salad, sauce, and fruit as the dessert.
  • You should be aware with the dishes which contain high calorie, carbs, and fat. If you are not sure about this, you should ask the server. The good server will explain the ingredients that they use to prepare your meal.
  • The next, you should ask the server to prepare the menu items in your way. For instance, since you avoid fried chicken, you should ask the server to grill the chicken for you. Besides, you can ask them to steam the vegetable. Also, do not be shy to ask the server to substitute the high-calorie salad dressing with the light one. Furthermore, consuming baked potato instead of the fries is healthier. Also, fresh fruit or salad is better than coleslaw.
  • In the certain restaurants, they place a basket of bread or a bowl of chips and peanut on the table. Make sure that you do not take it even in the small portion. This type of snack can add up the calories intake. The next, you should also avoid dessert and alcohol.

In addition to the tips above, there are several tricks for good menu choices. As the customers, you have to be selective to choose the healthy menu. You should not order the certain items just because you want to eat it. If your concern with what you consume, there should be no worries about calorie overload. Listed below are several healthy menu items that can be your choice.

  1. Clear broth soup is better than the creamy one. So, you can order Chinese Wonton, Minestrone, or Tortilla Soup as your appetizer.
  2. Avoid mayonnaise based item in your salad. Lettuce salad is healthier than tuna salad, macaroni salad, and bacon bits. Then, you can choose other raw veggies with the low-calorie dip. Besides, the steamed vegetable is also a good option. Furthermore, you also can order the grilled vegetable if the cook does not use oil to prepare it.
  3. Consuming meat is fine as long as it is roasted and grilled without fat. Then, you should order the steak in the reasonable portion. Usually, it is around 3 – 6 oz. The next, you should avoid fries added to your steak. You can have a baked potato with sour cream. Also, you can add broccoli, salsa, or chili. Besides, if you like seafood, make sure that the cook processes it by steaming, baking, or poaching.
  4. If you like the sandwich, you can choose the bread with the whole wheat or multi-grain. Then, to enhance the flavor, you can add low-fat cheese, meat, and mayonnaise. Also, add the tomato, lettuce, chopped olives, and sweet peppers to add the vitamins.
  5. When you cannot skip dessert, you have to select the healthy one. Sherbet or fresh fruit is a good choice.

Healthy Food Tips based on the Restaurant Type
Healthy Food Tips

Now, we are going to explain the list of menu items which are considered as the healthy food. So, no matter the restaurant type you visit, you should choose the entree wisely. It is the only way to control the calorie you consume. Here are some tips and meal choice when you visit the Mexican restaurant, Italian restaurant, as well as Chinese restaurant.

  1. Mexican restaurant

When you visit Mexican restaurants such as Chipotle, Del Taco, Taco Cabana, or Baja Fresh, you should avoid some meals. For instance, you should not order crispy tortillas, nacho cheese, hard shell taco, and con queso dip. Avoid these items enables you to have the light meal in the Mexican restaurant. Then, what menu items are the healthy choices? Here is the list of low calories menu items you can order in the Mexican restaurants.

  • Corn tortilla, whole wheat tortilla, and soft tacos.
  • Black bean, brown rice.
  • Grilled fish, chicken, or shrimp.
  • Sour cream with non-fat yogurt.
  • Fish tacos. Usually, it contains the grilled fish with salsa and chopped tomato.
  • Marinated vegetables.
  • Salsa.
  1. Italian restaurant.

Visiting the Italian restaurant can support your healthy diet plan. But, you have to be careful with some menu items. For instance, you should avoid cheese bread, cheese stick, cream sauce, and more meat. So, what items are good to order in the Italian restaurant? Check our list below.

  • Minestrone.
  • Whole-grain pasta.
  • Thin crust pizza with vegetable topping.
  • Pasta e Fagioli.
  • Crusty bread without olive oil and butter.
  • Marinara pasta. But, you have to avoid the meat sauce.
  • Salad.
  • Pasta Primavera without cream sauce.
  • Chicken marsala without cream and butter.
  • Italian ice and fruit for dessert.
  1. Chinese Restaurant.

Chinese restaurant offers the ethnic cuisine in the large portion. So, you should try to share your meal. In this restaurant, you should avoid the fried rice, fried noodles, breaded meat, and the food with high salt. As the alternative menu items, you can choose:

  • Vegetable dish.
  • Steamed brown rice.
  • Ask the sauces on the side.
  • Steamed dumplings.
  • Ask the dishes without MSG, soy sauce, and salt

Those are some tricks to avoid calories overloaded when you eat out. We will give one extra tip for you. Do you want a coupon from the certain restaurant? If you do, you should try to participate in the guest satisfaction survey. Access keliamoniz to view the list of restaurants which offer coupons after survey. This website contains a large number of articles about customer survey. For instance, you can review Chipotle survey, CabanaCares, Baja Fresh survey, McDvoice, TalktoWendys, and much more.

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