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Not a Fan Book Discussion On the Air

Well overdue for an update…

Our weekly discussion group continues to meet on Wednesdays, but now it is a little bit later.  We actually made this change a few weeks (or longer) back, but I have not update the site to reflect that information.  We now meet at 5:30pm at the WITW Radio Station Studios on Franklin St. at Lincolnway, a couple doors north of South Bend Chocolate (our old meeting place.)

The discussion is not limited to the book, but more how the book settles on/in us and how we are trying to implement it in our lives to be more than just a fan, but a follower – in reckless pursuit – of Jesus and his call on our lives.

If you miss the show live, we are playing it back on Thursday and Sunday evening at 6pm.

You can also (technology in our favor) watch a live stream of the Wednesday discussion by clicking on the image in the upper right of this page.

Share your thoughts and comments on our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/WITW935


Not a Fan Discussion On-Air, On-Line – Join US

Join us this evening at 5pm as we launch a whole new program –  our multi-media discussion group.

We’ll use the book “Not a Fan” to guide some discussion. You can stop by the studio, listen on-the-air (93.5 FM in Valpo) or watch the live stream on the website (to the right).

Add your comments on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/WITW935) our twitter feed (@WITW935) or text us if you have our number(s).

New Year New Plan New Discussion

Not a Fan Discussion Group Valparaiso Indiana Northwest Indiana

Get off the bench and in the game…

As we all make plans to take on 2014, our Wednesday evening discussion group is taking a slightly different tack.  While at our core, we will continue to pray for and lift each other up, a base for our conversation will be some of the concepts presented in Kyle Idleman’s Not a Fan book.  Idleman pushes past a warm, easy and comfortable relationship with Christ from the stands and challenges us to think about whether we are living our lives the way Christ wants us to in the world.

In the initial set up for the book, Idleman finds himself searching for the all important Easter message that will touch people in a way many C and E’ers will be inspired to come back next week.  What he found was a much more challenging, far less warm and fuzzy message from John 6 where Jesus’ message to the masses caused grumbling, confusion and people walking away because it was too hard to deal with.

Our Wednesday group is going to talk through some of those difficulties we face when we ask the question, “Where is God calling me to step up, step in or step out to reach people for the Kingdom.”

Not a Fan is not a hard read, but it may cause some grumbling – and that’s what we want to talk about together.

The format for discussion is multimedia.  You can join us in the WITW studio at 5pm on Wednesdays as the group will be on air for an hour.  Can’t make it to the studio, listen over the air and add your comments on our Facebook page or on Twitter with a @WITW935.  We will video stream the conversation right on our website (hopefully.)

We expect some bumpiness as we experiment our way into this experience.  We would appreciate your participation and suggestions to make this group impacting.

Join us Wednesday at 5pm (CST) in person, online, or via social media.  Drop me an email with questions and suggestion anytime – rg@witw935.com.

If you miss the live broadcast, we’ll replay each Thursday morning at 9am and will post it as an .MP3 on the website.


Listen Online Offline

Over the course of the last year or so, we have been trying to establish our online presence. Technically, there have been a number of hurdles which have caused issues in stabilizing the process – that’s one of the challenges of running a noncommercial, zero revenue, out-of-pocket station. Today, another hurdle was put in our path as I received notice about playing music online. To be sure, WITW since its first day on the air in 2003 pays licensing to a variety entities (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, maybe there are more). Separate from that, there is some requirement to replicate our station for online streaming. The additional cost of doing so has been one of our hurdles and one reason why we have not kept the online feed up all the time, nor marketed it outside of the website.

Today, I received notice from an entity of which I did not have have prior knowledge. I need to do additional research about where it fits into the whole licensing picture to continue to figure out what our cost for online streaming will actually be. Just like the broadcast of the radio station, we make zero revenue via online. We have contemplated sponsorship opportunities for both to help with some of the pop-up costs of keeping the station on the air, but suffice to say, there is not revenue — just out-of-pocket covering of expenses between myself and the owners.

Unfortunately, until I determine what this “new” entity’s position is and if we have a responsibility to them, I have to shelve the online. I’ll keep paying for the service to distribute so we can get back up and going as soon as possible. Because people sometimes ask how often it is used, it is not going to impact many people as we normally only have a couple people online at any given time. I see it not as a huge listener magnet, but a way to serve those who may wander out of our little coverage area and want to check-in. I also use it when I am on the road to make sure the station is on the air when we have it up-and-running.

Thanks for your understanding. Please feel free to contact me if you have any thought, questions or comments – rg@witw935.com.

Don Quijote Buffet to Aid Homeless

Carlos Rivera has had a heart for the homeless in Porter County since the nineties – that’s before most people thought there were even “homeless” people in Porter County to worry about.  For more than 20 years, Carlos has prepared, hosted and donated the proceeds to homeless agencies from an amazing buffet for the community.

You can join the event this Sunday, November 17 for this year’s event.  Come enjoy great food, entertainment and participate in the auction between noon and 5pm at Resaurante Don Quijote on Lincolnway, just east of the courthouse.

Benefit Concert for The Barbers

1424388_10153520506255226_470080604_nJoin our friends helping our friends…

Friday night, Nov. 15, Daniel Doss and Jennie Wellsand are in concert at Calvary Church, Valparaiso. Doors open at 6:30pm.

The concert is a benefit for Angie and Brian Barber as they move to the Dominican Republic to serve and spread the message of God’s love!

Great Concert! Greater Cause!!


Call Out to Help Other’s Callings

It was great to catch up with Jennie Wellsand on Friday morning and we debuted a brand new single “Hope is Rising”!Click to get the flyer

Jennie is planning a return trip to Africa as part of the Field of Dreams Uganda ministry she is serving. You can help make it happen and enjoy some good eats Monday night at Chik-Fil-A. Come out for dinner between 5pm-7pm and a portion of your bill will be donated to Jennies 2014 trip. Jennie will be playing an acoustic set starting at 6pm. Get the flyer to show at the counter of Chik-Fil-A on her Facebook page.


Saturday (Nov. 9), 500 Turkeys has a benefit concert (see info below), but they the project also needs some people to step up and help with collecting food to help round out the meals for the community in need. It sounds like more than 700 families are in line to receive a meal this year, but there are some items needed to complete each. In addition, they need volunteers to help box then help to hand out boxes to the families. Visit www.500Turkeys.com for information.

Help Feed Families in Northwest Indiana This Thanksgiving – 500 Turkeys

Here are a few ways for you, your family, co-workers and friends can join the effort to feed 700 families with a complete meal for Thanksgiving this year.

The Gobble Rock concert is happening November 9 at the Memorial Opera House starting at 6pm.

Featured musicians include:

There are items being collected right now to help round out the meal including

  • Aluminum foil pans big enough for a turkey
  • Gravy packets
  • Brownie Mix (for 9″x13″ pan)
  • Canned yams
  • Salt and pepper (not Salt-n-Pepa, but if you know them, maybe you could ask them to swing by for Gobble Rock)
  • Toliet paper

To see what else and where things are being collected visit https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.516668225091113.1073741829.168063213284951&type=1

Redefined by Grace Women’s Conference

3rd Annual Women's event this year with the theme "Healed to Serve"

3rd Annual Women’s event this year with the theme “Healed to Serve”


Tuesday morning (Sept. 10 – with a replay in the evening and probably on Thursday morning, too) one of WITW’s founders, Donna Rice, visited to share information about the 3rd Annual Redefined by Grace conference.  Part of the exciting news about the conference for this year is the fact that Altitude Church in Wanatah will be hosting!

Altitude is one of WITW’s supporters and another calling on Cliff and Donna Rice’s hearts as they have lead the effort to bring back to life a church which has more than 120 years of history in the building.  The traditional old, white country church is anything but old and traditional on Sunday mornings and in its ministry outreach.

Hosting the Redefined by Grace conference joins Altitude’s hosting of the Kairos Prison Ministry and support for GenderSave, a ministry to help save the lives of young and unborn girls in India.

The conference is open to all women interested in being renewed and recharge to serve in God’s Kingdom plans.

Contact Donna for more information – 219.983-2326.